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Lash Treatments

All Lash Treatments require a patch test no later than 48 hours before appointment. No waivers. A patch test can be booked in on our booking system. It is the clients responsibility to ensure a patch test has been carried out. Failure to do so will result in the appointment being cancelled and a deposit being lost.



Lash tint   -   

Darken those lashes and define   those eyes with a lash tint

20 mins - £13 Vegan

Lash Lift - 

A more natural alternative to lash extensions. The perfect 

way to enhance what you already have. essentially a perm

for your lashes to create length volume and lift.

includes a tint. 45 mins.  - £40  *Vegan





Lash Extensions

Cluster Lashes Natural

short term wear lashes last between 3 to 5 days.

Can not be infilled. 30 mins. £20 *Vegan

Cluster lashes Dramatic

short term wear lashes 3 to 7 days

Can not be infilled. 45 mins. £25  *Vegan

Express Hollywood Lashes

individuals applied in a different technique

Please note these lashes can not be infilled 

1 hour - £30  *Vegan

Please note all of our semi permanent lashes require infills every 2 and a half weeks. infills will be charged as a new set. if over 50 percent is missing. For Our semi permanent lashes a full consultation will be carried out to give you a totally bespoke set of lashes.

Semi Permanent Individual Lashes  

Individual classic 1 on 1 lashes - 90 mins - £45   *Vegan

Volume Lashes

semi permanent pre made super fine fans 90 mins.

£50 - 90 mins   *Vegan

Hybrid Lashes

A combination of individual lashes with hand made Russian fans

semi permanent. infills will be required. 90 mins.

90 mins - £55    *Vegan

Russian Lashes 

a full set of handmade Russian fans on individual 

natural lashes. 2 Hours -  £65      *vegan

Safe Lash Removal

Cluster lash safe removal & conditioning treatment £12

Individual lash safe removal & conditioning treatment £15

Volume/hybrid and Russian lash removal with conditioning treatment £20


Infills/lash maintainence

semi permanent individual lashes 

lashes must be infilled within the 2.5 week period 

lashes over this time period or with more than 40 percent loss will be charged accordingly as shown below. 



Volume lashes 

30 mins -     £25 

1 Hour - £35      

Hybrid Lashes

30 mins -       £35   

1 hour - £45

Russian Lashes 

30 mins -       £35       

1 hour - £50

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