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Pre-Care & After Care at Elexa Elegance beauty



Spray Tan

 Ahead of your spray tan Please ensure you have followed the following steps


,*Shave/wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan. Failure to leave sufficeient time will result in your tan not being perfect and small  brown dots will appear at the base of your hair folicals.

*Do not moisterise, use deodorant, purfume or makeup on the day of your spray tan, Make up/moisteriser will cause your tan not to be even and deodorant may cause green patches as a reaction will occur with the spray tan solution

*Ensure your nails & toes are painted prior to your spray tan to avoid staining

*Exfoliate your body before your spray tan to remove dead skin to prolong your tan

*Wear dark or old underwear (disposible bra/knickers are available you MUST let your therapist know if you would like these)

*Ensure you wear loose clothing & loose fitting shoes (The drying of your tan will be flawless if you comply)


After your Spray Tan


*Do not shower or bath, use spa or pool or any steam rooms  exercise, etc at least 8 hours after your spray tan.

*Moisterise daily after your spray tan to prolong the life of your tan

*Do not use abrasive body scrubs/exfoliators/shower puff and only pat your self dry with a towel NEVER rub.


Gel polish (Shellac nails)


We just know that you will love your long lasting gel polish to please follow these steps to ensure the life of your new gel polish nails.

*Ensure you turn up to your appointment gel/nail varnish free if you need to book a polish removal please say at the time of your booking.

You will love your gel nail polished Nails & we expect your nails to last 14 days at least as long as you give them attention and good care during this time. This means you MUST protect your nails by wearing gloves when doing jobs around the house or gardening such as cleaning and washing up. Take extra care participating in hobbies or anything rough or abrasive that requires use of hands/fingers. Do not submerge your hands in chemicals or any kind, do not use your fingers as tools. Doing these things without protection can spoil your polish and reduce its ongevity.

You will notice during your application process that the technician coated the front edge of your nail with each layer of shellac/gel polish. The reason for thisis to make the manicure look nice and avoid colour shrinking at the free edge during the curing process. The seal is expected to wear off the sharpfree edge of the natural nail in just a few days with normal wear and tear. It is possible to carefully file the edge every few days to keep it looking perfect. (The lack of a sealed free edge does NOT cause chipping or peeling IF you have filed correctly, ALWAYS file at a 45 degree angle and with a 240 grit file or prefaerably even higher.


*Chipping or lifting

If something you have done has caused a chip that can not be filed away as discused above, or lifted an edge of your shellac manicure please DO NOT pick or pull at the area as this will cause damage to increase. Please contact me the day it happens where possible (not weeks after) so I can assess the nail and decide if a repair is necessary. *Please note all repairs will be chargeable at the cost of £3 per nail. Your therapist has undergone accredited training on how to apply shellac/gel polish correctly and should you follow this aftercare they will remain flawless for 14 days.

If you are a swimmer please note some of the more delicate shellac/gel colours can fade somewhat and weaken the top coat that is there to protect your nails and colour. Remember that chlorine is a bleach and if on holiday sun intensifies the bleaching action. Dry your hands and nails/toes after swimming and before sunbathing to minimize any colour fading.

*Cuticle Oil

Please use solar oil which has been designed to be used with shellac/gel polish. This should be used at night before going to bed to replace lost moisture to your skin and nails. This will keep your nails and the skin around them healthy, moisterised and flexible.

*Painting Over

If you wish to temporarily change the colour of your nails whilst wearing shellac/gel polish you can use your enamel over the shellac but please BE SURE to use an ACETONE FREE remover if removing polish between appointments. Please be advised the mirror finish shine may be slightly  compromised by using the nail polish remover even if it is acetone free.


Incorrect removal at home may damage the surface of your anils which defeats the whole point of the gel nail/shellac system. Your technician will be able to remove the polish using a professional remover and will give you a mini manicure so that your nails will lookd healthy and perfectly groomed.


Microdermabrasion Treatment


Microdermabrasion is an effective, Non-surgical way to get rid of acne scarring, Fine lines, wrinkles, UN -even skin tone and sun spots by exfoliating the top layers of the skin. No Chemicals or laser beams are used.  Microdermabrasion also stimulates collagen production helping your skin rejuvenate much faster than normal giving you a fresh layer of skin on your face.  It will help to leave your facial skin looking fresh, clear, radiant and flawless.  It is often referred to as the lunch time peel due to how quick the treatment is. A top secret celebrity favourite treatment is now available and affordable to all. Microdermabrasion is the first step in cosmetic skin repair.

What does it involve?

After the medical consultation you will be asked to remove shoes and get yourself comfortable on the couch while your beautician sets up. First your facial skin will be cleansed with a special cleansing gel.  Your treatment will then be carried out using a hand held wand. This diamond tipped wand mechanically exfoliates your facial skin; your beautician has a set routine and will hold your skin firmly whilst treating specific areas. After you have received your microdermabrasion treatment a special soothing collagen skin gel is massaged in to your face. You can request to see the filter to see how much dirt and debris that has been removed from your skin after the treatment, just ask your beautician. Some people who cleanse tone and moisturise religiously are often surprised at just how effective the treatment is,  and what is removed from their skin.

After care Microdermabrasion

Your face may appear a little pink or red after the treatment and this generally disappears after a few hours. This is perfectly normal. During the first 24 hours your skin may feel dry (similar effects to mild wind or sun burn) We recommend that you use plenty of moisturiser during the first few days. Avoid sauna, steam rooms or engaging in any gym or exercise that may make you sweat as this could irritate the skin. If going out you MUST apply sunscreen.  Avoid makeup for at least 48 hours (foundation/pressed powder) Avoid sun exposure for at least a week after the treatment.  


Facial Aftercare

  • It is recommended not to apply make up for up to 12 hours after the treatment to allow the skin to fully absorb the products used in your treatment, it also allows time for the skin to ‘breathe’ so as not to clog the pores.

  • Try to avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol where possible as these are highly dehydrating to the skin, making the skin dry and dull. Avoid Heat treatments, sauna/steam-room, avoid swimming, sunbeds or direct sunlight

  • Drinking plenty of water (1.5 - 2 litres a day) will greatly improve the skins complexion and help rid the body of toxins giving you a healthy glow.

  • Try to avoid the sun immediately after your treatment as the top layer of dead skin cells will have been removed in your treatment therefore making your skin particularly sensitive to sunlight. Don't forget to protect you skin from UV light on a daily basis to help prevent skin damage.

  • Use products recommended to you during your treatment, aim to double-cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin twice a day and also exfoliate and apply a mask twice a week. This will improve your complexion and make your facial treatment more beneficial and effective.

Tips for super skin:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, which damages the skin on all levels. Use a good sunscreen of at least SPF15 during the summer.

  • Do not smoke and try to avoid passive smoking. Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layers of your skin, impairing blood flow and depleting the skin of oxygen and nutrients. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin, causing the skin to sag and wrinkle prematurely.

  • Keep calm and avoid excess stress. stress promotes an increase of free radicals in the body, a major cause of premature ageing. Regular stress causes the skin to be consistently starved of both blood and oxygen, making it dull and lifeless, less suple, less hydrated and prone to clogged pores and breakouts.

  • Limit alcohol and intake of stimulants. Alcohol in particular dilates the blood vessels in the skin and excessive drinking leads to chronic dilation of the capillaries, causing a permanent flush on the face. It also depletes vitamin A in the body.

  • Have a fantastic diet, basing it around fresh organic fruit and vegetables and the foods known to encourage healthy ageing. Choose supplements to slow the ageing process, boost your overall nutrient intake and reduce oxidative stress.

  • Hydrate! The more water you drink, the better your skin can eliminate toxins, retain moisture and stay looking youthful. Six - eight glasses is about right (choose pure filtered or mineral water).

  • Moisturise regularly. For best results have regular facials once a week/fortnight


Full Definition Brow Aftercare/Brow Wax


Avoid tweezing in between appointments.

Avoid the use of make-up and facial cleansers  around the brow area for the next 24 hours.

Avoid prolonged contact with direct sunlight, the use of sunbeds, saunas, steam-rooms and swimming pools for 24 hours after the procedure.

Avoid exfoliators and anti-ageing products around the brow area for 3 days either side of the treatment.

It is advisable not to use any fake tanning products on the face for around 2 or 3 days either side of the treatment. If you do wish to use a fake tanning product on your face, apply a barrier to the hair and small area around the brow prior to tanning, to prevent discolouration of your tint.

Remember your results will be darker and more defined immediately after your treatment. Make-up is not permanent and tint will fade depending on the frequency of cleansing.

You must inform your beautician immediately should you experience any prolonged swelling, itchy rash, bruising, skin grazing or cuts so they can advise you on the correct procedure to follow.


Hair Extensions

*It is extremely important to book a maintenance appointment as advised by your hair extensionist within the time stated.

*The extensions may feel a little uncomfortable at first and can do for up to 14 days. The tight feeling usually eases up after one or 2 washes.

*Only use shampoo recommended by extensionist.  DO NOT apply conditioner to roots as this may loosen bonds or cause rings and extension to slide out.

*Never wash hair upside down over a bath as your extensions may matt. Never go to bed with hair wet or damp as mould can grow in that environment.

*To prevent your hair from knotting while you sleep we suggest that tie your hair in a loose side plait or pony tail. Avoid using elastic bands.

*Use only the brush that hair extensionist recommended as a normal brush may destroy bond of extension and shorten the life also causing damage to the natural hair.

*Do not over style hair i.e straightening/curling etc. use heat defence spray where possible. Oil treatments can also help add moisture back in to extensions such as Moroccan oil or similar alternatives   


On Holiday

Micro rings are ideal for hot climates whereas adhesives such as glue or keratin can melt.

Sunbeds are fine as long as a towel is wrapped around the head. Avoid chlorine and sea water as they alter the colour of the hair and leave them dry and knotty.

High buns work well for avoiding getting hair wet. The sun can dry out extensions so use defence spray against UV rays and apply plenty of conditioner to the ends. Be careful not to get tanning oil in to extensions as this can alter the shade of the hair in some cases.

For any additional advice or to contact your extensionist please contact Elexa Elegance on 07943800174 email


Body wraps Pre-care


Please shower at home before your appointment. You must be physically fit and well to have this treatment, a detailed medical consultation will be carried out. We advise not to have this treatment during menstration. Please eat a light lunch/breakfast at least 2 hours before your appointment. We advise to wear bikini or underwear during this treatment for it to be most effective.



Stay hydrated! The more water you drink the better. This will help aid further inchloss over the following 72 hours.Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours. No steam or heat treatments such a sauna/steam room, sunbeds or direct sunbathing. Book your next treatment for best results. A mini course of 3 is recommended but some people like to do a course of 6 for the best possible results ahead of a wedding, holiday or special event. How long will it last?

Immediately 100% of clients treated lost a minimum of cm (2 inches) after a partial body wrap (legs ortummy) 100% of clients lost a minimum of 12.5cm (5 inches) after a full body wrap. Here at Elexa Elegance we have had a loss of 20 inches in just 1 hour! The smallest loss was 7 inches which im sure you will agree is pretty impressive in just 1 hour!

After 2 weeks 62 % of clients treated retained all of the inch loss, 38% of clients retained some of the inch loss. Although We advise you on your aftercare, only you are responsible for how long you will retain your inch loss. regular clients at Elexa Elegance whom have followed aftercare have retained their inch loss for 3 to 4 weeks!






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